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REC Aerospace Company
Consulting services for aircraft design, certification and validation processes in EASA and FAA
«REC Aerospace»
Consulting services for aircraft design, certification and validation processes in EASA and FAA



REC Aerospace Company was established in 2010 to provide consulting services to aviation industry companies in the field of integration into the world market and participation in international cooperation.

The company contributes to the solution of key issues caused by:

Promotion of Russian aviation equipment to foreign markets.

Access to advanced foreign technologies.

Improvement of the regulatory framework of the aviation industry.

Lack of crucial competencies in project management.

Promotion of Russian aviation equipment to foreign markets.

Access to advanced foreign technologies.

Improvement of the regulatory framework of the aviation industry.

Lack of crucial competencies in project management.

REC Aerospace Company Russian-European Consulting

REC Aerospace Company is an international team of the most knowledgeable and qualified specialists connected to each other by the Internet. For each specific project in accordance with the task of a particular customer, an optimal virtual organization is formed, which relies on "cShare" software on the basis of SharePoint developed in the working process with Airbus and EASA.

To get more information about the history of the company and experience, see "Consulting services for aircraft design, certification and validation processes in EASA and FAA".

REC Aerospace Company – Questions and Answers

Why does REC Aerospace differ from other aviation industry companies?

REC Aerospace Company activities are aimed to contribution to the Russian and foreign companies, and assisting the regulatory authorities in bridging the gap caused by the retardation of the Russian system of the civil aviation equipment design and certification from similar systems used by the leading world aircraft countries. REC Aerospace Company acts as a kind of adapter transforming mental representations, understanding of concepts, language, forms of documents and execution procedures for interaction of Russian companies and foreign companies and aviation authorities. The development and consistent implementation, in Russian aircraft corporations and companies, structures and processes that meet the principles underlying the activities of leading foreign aircraft companies is a strategic component of the transformation of Russian corporations/companies into globally competitive world-class corporations/companies. The activity of the REC Aerospace Consulting Company corresponds to the global trend of creating centers of competence on safety, certification of products and organizations, in the form of outsourcing companies such as APSYS, performing similar work for EADS/Airbus, or a global consulting company ALTRAN. Russian companies are doomed to eternal retardation without foreign experience "acceptance and assimilation". However, direct participation of foreign aircraft companies’ specialists to form a potential competitor - the Russian globally competitive world-class aircraft corporation, causes difficulties. The alternative solution in the form of attraction of individual, unobligated to the leading corporations, foreign consultants (freelancers) is ineffective, owing to insufficient understanding of features of processes and the standard documentation in the Russian aircraft companies. Thus, the almost three-year joint EASA / IAC AR experts and OAK specialists / subsidiaries work on the convergence of processes and harmonization of requirements to procedures in European and Russian companies, which ended in 2009, practically had no noticeable results, due to the isolation of such interaction from real Russian projects. It is known, that "To know and not to do means not to know. To learn and not to do is the same as not to learn". The cooperation with foreign experts within REC Aerospace Company will not only help to circumvent competitive barriers of using experience and highly qualified specialists and foreign aircraft manufacturers for the development processes in Russian companies, but also significantly reduce the cost of consulting work, due to the already acquired skills of the REC Aerospace Company Russian experts in the process of long-term cooperation with foreign colleagues.

Was the foreign consulting companies experience taking onto account when establishing the company?

In the process of making REC Aerospace Company the organizational chart, we relied on the
experience of such a well-known consulting company as ALTRAN, focused, among other things, on
the aviation market. First of all, we used the concept underlying the organization of the company,
which was formulated by its co-founder Hubert Martigny: "Our goal was to create a consulting
company that would work on the Internet with continuous interaction and mutually fertilizing
relationships between companies to make a permanent network for people, projects and
competencies". During the thirty years of the ALTRAN company activity, it has achieved impressive
results: 20,000 company employees, providing consulting services to more than 500 major clients in
more than 20 countries, bring the company the income exceeding 1.5 billion dollars per year. By the
way, ALTRAN, with which we maintain business contacts, is not yet represented in Russia. We try to
adopt not only organizational schemes of construction, but also the activity concepts of the foreign
successful companies. The REC Aerospace Company work of specialists is based on the main
concepts of modern organization of brain workers activity, formulated by management guru Peter
Drucker in the book "Management Challenges for the 21st century"

What do we think about specialists working together?

"Capital is only one of the main resources of the organization, and it, no doubt, it belongs to the
limited category. But the most limited and valuable resource for an organization is the people
working in this organization". "The difference between physical and mental workers can be
found nowhere but the economic theories. Economic theory and, pretty much, practice consider
physical labor to be costly. Intellectual labour, if we are to make it productive, should be
considered to be main capital.".

Where from does REC Aerospace get the specialists?

Currently, "there is a large (and growing)
number of employees who, working for the organization, are not the employees of the organization
in the former sense of the word, without mentioning the fact that they work part-time. They may work
under contract with the Contracting company (for example, an independent company that maintains
the facility - a hospital or a manufacturing facility), or with the company responsible for the data
processing system in a public institution or a private company. These are " temporary workers " or
"part-time workers". The practice of hiring staff on a fee-based or period-based contract is becoming
more common; these are usually the most experienced, knowledgeable and therefore most valuable
staff members for the organization". REC Aerospace Company foreign experts participated in the
certification of almost all Airbus aircraft and recently held the position of Vice-President of Airbus for
international certification, head of EASA certification teams for validation of Tu-204SE-120 and Be-
200ES-E, test pilot Airbus and a number of specialists on specific systems. Among the current
Russian leaders, there are chief designers of aircraft systems. Along with many years of experience
in aircraft companies in different countries, all specialists are distinguished by established business
relations with experts AR IAC and EASA, respectively. Mutually beneficial, for the company and
specialists, cooperation " allows us to conclude: the first — and most convenient – is the possibility
of successful changes is to use their own achievements and to turn them into the foundation of
subsequent activities". We take into account that "good specialists are highly mobile. They
their jobs at any time. They have their own "means of production — - their knowledge".

In what way do the company specialists cooperate?

"In other words, in modern conditions relationship "chief" and "subordinates" more remind
relationship orchestra conductor and musician rather than the traditional scheme " I am the chief,
you are a fool". As a rule, the head of an organization hiring specialists is not able to perform the
work of his subordinate, just as the orchestra conductor does not necessarily know how to play the
trumpet. In turn, the specialist depends on the chief, because he sets the direction of activity and
reports the result of this activity throughout the organization, i.e. defines standards, values,
productivity and results". Structurally, REC Aerospace Company is a centrally managed computer
network of the most knowledgeable, skilled professionals, naturally selected through years of
collaboration, thanks to their exceptional erudition or outstanding skill. Each member of the network
can immediately get any information by means of one phone call or e-mail sent. Constantly
maintained in an active mode, the network of specialists connected not only technically, but also
psychologically established trust relationships, has a huge advantage in cost and time compared to
those who have to extract the necessary information from traditional general and open sources. For
each specific project, an optimal virtual organization is formed, where the decisive factor in achieving
success is not who you worked for, but who you worked with — and who you still keep in touch with.

How do we treat the customers?

"Within the organization, there are only costly areas. The only profitable area is the consumer, who
gives the main assessment of the organization's activities."

What hardware does the company rely on?

The REC Aerospace Company specialists network is based on cShare software developed in the
process of interaction with Airbus and EASA, specifically to address the certification objectives using
Microsoft SharePoint. cShare mission is to automate processes, including joint development, type
certification, and airworthiness maintenance, by creating portals for specialists to collaborate with
each other, as well as with customers and regulators. Microsoft SharePoint software is
recommended as the base software for use in Safety Management System (SMS) processes by
leading aviation authorities. On the basis of cShare, REC Aerospace Company specialists started
the process of collecting and accumulating experience in the implementation of SMS in the leading
aviation countries. We understand the role of information in our business. "Management should
learn two lessons: first, it is necessary to eliminate data that are not relevant to the desired topic;
second, data should be organized, analyzed, interpreted, and then used to decide what to do. As we
collect information in order not to accumulate knowledge, but in order to take the right action."

Who are the company customers?

REC Aerospace Company specialists took part in the validation process of the Be-200ES-E amphibious
aircraft EASA validation, successfully provide consulting services for the validation of the Superjet
aircraft in EASA, participate in the preparation of the MS-21 project for submission to EASA. The unique
experience is the development of BISP design organization registered in Europe, geographically located
in Russia, France and Ukraine. The developed structure and processes of such an organization was
audited and, in general, have been approved by EASA in the process of approval of the design
organization (Design organization Approval, DOA)


Safety management system (SMS) in questions and answers

What role does the SMS play in achieving the goals facing aviation equipment designers in the civil aviation? For example, MS-21 aircraft characteristic features are emphasized at JSC Irkut Corporation website, contributing to its promotion to the markets [1]:

"The maximum economic efficiency of operation, international certification in accordance with the requirements of IAC AR, EASA, FAA and our individual logistics support and support throughout the life cycle, should make the product attractive to both Russian and foreign companies - operators”.

The goals set in the civil aviation should be achieved in conditions of ensuring a modern level of safety, corresponding ICAO [2], ultra-safe system (i.e., a system in which the number of catastrophic failures in ensuring safety is less than one per million production cycles).

Developed at the initiative of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers and supported by state certification organizations, the system approach to safety is implemented by ICAO in the form of a Safety Management System (SMS), a systematic approach to safety management that includes the necessary organizational structures, responsibilities, policies and procedures.

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Safety Management System Processes Implementation (SMS) at Aviation Equipment Designers

Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic approach to safety management that includes the necessary organizational structures, responsibilities, policies and procedures.

Safety Management:

  1. a)    includes all activities;
  2. b)    focuses on processes with a clear distinction between the processes and the resulting consequences;
  3. c)    based on data;
  4. d)    includes continuous monitoring;
  5. e)    being documented;
  6. f)     it is aimed at gradual improvement, not abrupt changes;
  7. g)    based on strategic planning rather than piecemeal initiatives.


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Procedures of Civil Aviation Equipment Design Assurance System

Design Assurance System includes the following basic procedures related to the process of an aircraft sample design:

1)  product design;

"Design Management" procedures should include:

  • main stages of the design process;
  • work carried out at each stage;
  • analysis of the impact of :
    • airworthiness requirements;
    • process requirements;
    • market situation;
    • economic and production conditions.
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REC Aerospace Company Russian-European Consulting

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